1. “Sick to my stomach”: How the photos became public

On November 21, 2016, Toronto-based comedian Celeste Yim tweeted photos from the party. She wrote that she came across the photos in a Facebook album shared by a Queen’s student. The album, which is no longer available, was viewable by “friends of friends,” including Yim.

“A very shockingly racist party thrown by Queen’s students happened,” Yim tweeted, “and the photos made me feel sick to my stomach.”

Yim’s tweets also addressed those who had criticized her for publicizing the photos or suggested she was taking them out of context:

“I am not culpable for the fact that hundreds want to get wasted in rice hats and can’t even fathom the decency to make the photos private,” Yim also tweeted.

Soon after Yim made the photos public on Twitter, several major news outlets picked up the story and reproduced the images. While some left the photos untouched, others opted to blur the faces of the party participants.

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